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Euro SOCOM PS3 pushed to "early 2009"

Definitely not out here tomorrow.

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Sony has told us that SOCOM: Confrontation will not be out this Friday in Europe, as some retailers are still suggesting.

Instead, a spokesperson told us the online tactical PS3 shooter will arrive in "early 2009". No reason was given for the delay.

SOCOM: Confrontation has been out in America - where little mice go to make their fortunes - for a while.

So you can always buy from the US PlayStation Store by faking your address and purchasing pre-paid PSN cards from eBay. Or so we've heard.

However, the UK retail version will come bundled with a Bluetooth headset, which is quite important for this sort of squad-based stuff, apparently.

Plus, there are also suggestions that the US version may be clogged with a few bugs; something that might be fixed in the transition to Europe.

Head over to our SOCOM: Confrontation gamepage to find out more.

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