SOCOM: Confrontation

Key events

Sony signals end to SOCOM, MAG online support

Half a year of online play left.

Sony quiet on SOCOM dev closure rumour

UPDATE: Sony confirms Zipper Interactive has been shut down.

Capcom: REORC will be Slant 6's best game

"Their games get better and better."

SOCOM dev making team-based Resi Evil?

What is Resident Evil: Raccoon City?

SOCOM expansion for Europe in Jan

Cold Front release date confirmed.

Sony unveils new DLC for SOCOM

Snow! Ice! Russians! Missiles! Maps!

SOCOM, PowerUp, Silent Hill on PSN

Plus oodles of downloadable PSP games.

SOCOM: Confrontation

Biting the bullet.

SOCOM Confrontation gets Euro date

It's out here next month.

Euro SOCOM Confrontation date still MIA

As US version gets beefy patch.

Euro SOCOM PS3 pushed to "early 2009"

Definitely not out here tomorrow.

Sony sorry for SOCOM beta collapse

Patch at noon to add regional servers.

SOCOM beta keys all gone - for now!

Now go shoot some tangos, tangos.

SOCOM beta keys Friday at 4pm!

Come get our 6,000 keys!

SOCOM: Confrontation beta delayed

US waits days, Europe soon.

SOCOM: Confrontation

Fresh from the five-sided squirrel cage.

No word on PS3 SOCOM for Europe

But US gets price AND release date.

New SOCOM delayed by a month

Still no confirmation of Euro date.

Sony offers SOCOM PS3 details

Online only. Clever clan system.

SOCOM gets US release date

More info on Euro version soon.

SOCOM: Confrontation

Tango tango whiskey vodka red bull.

New SOCOM for PS3, PSP

Confrontations and Tactics.