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Sony offers SOCOM PS3 details

Online only. Clever clan system.

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Sony has debriefed us on the upcoming SOCOM: Confrontation game for PS3.

It's online-only, as we had thought, and will allow 32 players to pretend they are in the army and shoot each other.

Key to its charms will be a clever squad and clan system where you can recruit as well as promote or demote members to whittle your way to a perfect unit.

This squad will be made up of members of special forces from around the world: the US Navy Seals, the Special Air Service (UK), the 1er Régiment de Parachutistes d'Infanterie de Marine (France), the Unidad de Operaciones Especiales (Spain) and the Kommando Spezialkräfte (Germany).

Other special forces from around the world will be added as time goes on, as will other characters, weapons and maps.

Once you have your team you will be able to compete in regional, national, and global tournaments; the emphasis is very much on competitive play here, and events will run on weekdays and weekends to ensure those with busy schedules can join in.

There will be seven maps to tactically run around at the beginning, and those doing the winning will be the ones using their heads and working together, we're told - there's no I in team.

Sony is also launching a special website to accompany the game where you can tinker with your clan while away from your PS3.

There's no release date for the game in Europe just yet, although we heard recently that it would be available in the US this September.

March over to our SOCOM: Confrontation gallery to see what the new engine can do in 1080p.

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