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No word on PS3 SOCOM for Europe

But US gets price AND release date.

The European version of PS3 exclusive SOCOM: Confrontation is still lost in the bushes.

"We have yet to announce a release date and price for SOCOM in the UK," sergeant Sony told Eurogamer this afternoon.

That follows confirmation of an October 14th release in the US, and word there will be three ways to buy the war game.

Americans could get it on Blu-ray or PSN for USD 39.99, according to the SOCOM website, or pay USD 59.99 for the game plus a Bluetooth headset and behind the scenes video.

Sony also revealed plans to begin a public beta test for the game in September. Buy Episode 1 of Qore to join in. Cheeky.

SOCOM: Confrontation is an online tactical shooter with lots of realism and battles for up to 32 players.

Special forces from all around the world will be playable, including our own tea-drinking SAS, and plenty of improvements have been made in squad and clan departments. Recruits can be promoted and demoted on a whim, making whittling down your fighting force a little easier.

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