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Sony upset with third-party PSP support

"Really, really disappointing", says Yoshida.

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Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida is disappointed at the lack of third-party support for the PSP.

He pointed to first-party games such as God of War: Chains of Olympus, Buzz! Brain Bender and Resistance Retribution as examples of strong, existing IP that had been manipulated for PSP - something he's disappointed third-parties are not emulating.

"What we'd like to see more is for third-parties also - there is so much great IP that they have," Yoshida told IGN.

"It's really, really disappointing, and it's a lost opportunity for the third-parties. They should look at what the PSP can do for their titles and the potential for the business that their IP has."

Yoshida promised Sony has "many more" unannounced PSP games planned for next year, and said leading by example was the best way to get third-parties involved.

Capcom's Japanese Monster Hunter phenomena was used as an example, whereby developers and publishers could visibly see groups of friends playing the game in public places.

Perhaps the PSP-3000, with its brighter, more colourful screen, will prompt more activity when it launches here in mid-October.

The first PSP-3000 bundle will arrive in the UK on 17th October and cost GBP 149.99. Contents, bizarrely, are yet to be confirmed.

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