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Disaster: Day of Crisis coming in October

Fight earthquakes, bears and terrorists.

Nintendo plans to release Wii title Disaster: Day of Crisis in Europe on 24th October. My birthday.

Created by Xenosaga-brain Monolith, the idea is to save the world from terrorists who are cheekily using natural disasters as diversions. Raymond Bryce - a retired, traumatised, but decorated US marine who now rescues people - must achieve all this in just 24 hours. Sounds rather familiar. Blip... Blop... Blip... Blop...

Action appears to be split into two areas, combat and rescue. Survival points will be awarded for hauling civilians out of disaster zones and can be spent on upgrading various related abilities. Battle points will be gifted for shooting baddies and can subsequently be spent on relative skills.

Rescues will involve flapping the Wiimote and Nunchuk around, while combat will be played out in an on-rails fashion as you blast and pummel your opponents.

Various unlockable weapons and difficulty levels should stretch gameplay out, apparently, as will a shooting range and added Stamina campaign.

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