Disaster: Day of Crisis

Disaster: Day of Crisis

Disaster: Day of Crisis

Ever had one of those days?

A quick tip for when naming your game. Try to avoid using words like "Failure", "Atrocity", and "The Worst Game I've Played In Years" (although I double-dare someone to use that one). It doesn't matter how good your game might be - it still invites every critic to lazily turn it against the product. So "Disaster: Day of Crisis" was Nintendo really pushing its luck.

The result, ruinously, is not a disaster. It's just a bit average. Now, had they called it, "Mishap: Day of Mediocrity" we'd have a snappy review opener. It's a mishmash of approximately nine hundred and sixteen genres, used to portray the life of Ray Bryce, Earth's unluckiest human.

Ray used to work for the International Rescue Team, a sort of FEMA, except they turn up on time. That was until a year ago when he failed to save the life of his best friend, Steve, who fell into a volcano. "You can't save them all, Ray," pleaded Steve before he fell to his crispy coated death. But Ray just couldn't accept it, and went into semi-retirement. That was until they pulled him back in!

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