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Life with PlayStation now live

And integrated with Folding@home.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Following yesterday's false start, Life with PlayStation is properly available for download.

As explained on the US PlayStation blog, it's a new service offering weather and news updates for more than 60 cities around the world.

You can track real-time cloud movement on the global map, and listen to your own choice of music while you're doing so.

Whenever you're using Life with PlayStation you'll be taking part in the Folding@home project - which means your PS3 will be processing data to help Stanford University cure diseases like Alzheimer's.

To download Life, just boot up Folding@home from the XMB and follow the instructions.

(By the way, don't worry: by fiddling around with the menu options you can still access the nice blue Folding@home globe with the twinkly lights and the calming seashore sound. Phew.)

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