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Mythic details WAR early access dates

Pre-orders get up to four days' headstart.

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Those of you pre-ordering Warhammer Online will be granted access to live servers up to four days earlier than the general public.

Specifically, Collector's Edition pre-orders will be invited to play from 14th, while regular pre-orders will join a day later. Warhammer Online launches for the masses on 18th September.

Characters created during the Headstart period will retain any progress made and items gained after the live launch, rather obviously. However, heroes used during the open beta will be non-transferable.

Eager fans may want to download the rather meaty 9.4GB game client prior to this date, which will only need to be patched in order to work with the live servers.

Incidentally, open beta codes will appear on the official WAR website sometime this week.

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