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Beatnik unveils XNA game Plain Sight

PC, 360 multiplayer affair from London.

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Independent London-based Beatnik Games has unveiled Plain Sight, a PC title created using Microsoft's XNA tools, which the developer also hopes to release on Xbox Live Arcade.

Due in early 2009, it's a simple multiplayer game where players control robot-like characters with swords. The idea is to chop opponents up, gain points, and then bank those points by blowing yourself up.

The better the score, the bigger the player; the bigger the player, the larger the death explosion; the larger the death explosion, the more people that die in the blast; the more people that die in the blast, the higher the multiplier applied to the score you bank. Simple.

Levels feature lots of jutting dark grey shapes and players are given a colour that trails from their robotic-bottoms as they jump around, and also temporarily dyes blocks of the level they touch, which makes finding others somewhat easier.

No price has been set, but Beatnik Games expects Plain Sight to cost around GBP 10, although if it ends up on XBLA then of course Microsoft sets the price.

Head over to our Plain Sight gallery for the first screenshots. Or pop over to the the Plain Sight website for a trailer and to keep an eye on how to get involved in the PC beta test due to start in November.