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Maddie is a character in Halo 3 game

"No connection" to McCann saga.

Bungie has said that the "Maddie" reference in its teaser trailer for an upcoming Halo 3 project relates to an actual character, having already denied that it's connected to Madeleine McCann, whose disappearance made global headlines last year. And this year. And whenever the tabloids are bored.

"There's really no more light to be shed here - it's simply a regrettable coincidence," Bungie voice Brian Jarrard told GamesIndustry.biz. "There is no connection between our game and the tragic incident that occurred last year.

"All the characters in our game, which takes place 500 years in the future, are completely fictional. In this case, real-world events that occurred during game development have led to an unintended public context for this character," he added.

Publisher Microsoft, which has been quiet on the matter until now, also confirmed that "Maddie" is part of the plot in this upcoming Halo 3 project. [Does this mean they get the reward? -Ed]