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Ubisoft turns attention to dog coaching

DS and PC helpers out this autumn.

Ubisoft has decided that a DS and PC game about dog coaching is a good idea.

My Dog Coach: Understand Your Dog with Cesar Millan is due out this autumn and takes a leaf out of titular canine expert Cesar Millan's book. Quite literally; he does books and seminars on the topic in the US. He also hosts the "Dog Whisperer" telly show where he lets the public in on the Power of the Pack.

His approach revolves around understanding how dogs behave in their natural wild habitat as part of a pack, you see, and then reproducing this in the home.

There's no bottom-sniffing or anything; most of the advice is quite sensible, such as using short leashes when walking to play leader and set the pace, or rewarding food and drink after a walk, so the dog feels like it has earned the reward - as it would in the woods or trees or desert or wherever.

The DS and PC games present 40 or so common dog issues and, using Millan's guidance, help us understand and overcome each of them, apparently. Cesar says: "Exercise, discipline, and affection... in that order." Find out more on the Cesar Millan website.