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Lumines Supernova set for PSN

Puzzly horse not dead, flogging afoot.

Q Entertainment has announced that Lumines Supernova for PlayStation Network will be released this autumn.

Price is still to-be-confirmed, but there's already a fair bit of gameplay info and of course some Lumines Supernova screenshots.

Supernova is an update more than a sequel or revamp, by the sound of it, still relying on the core gameplay of clearing out blocks by organising squares (which can overlap) of 2x2 in the same colour, which are removed when a vertical line sweeps left to right across the play area.

The main single-player Challenge mode will have 40 "skins", including some new ones. Skins are Lumines' version of levels: they change the speed that the vertical line and the blocks to adjust the gameplay conditions.

There's also a new Dig Down mode, mode where you have to drill into a play area already populated with blocks, and completion time is ranked based on completing 20 consecutive stages.

For those of you who enjoy customising your games, the Skin Edit mode returns, along with a new Sequencer mode to create your own background music. You'll have access to 20 different loops each for drums, bass, synthesisers 1 and 2, and effects.

Elsewhere there's Time Attack mode (fairly self-explanatory), and the return of the Puzzle (100) and Mission (50) levels, where you have to clear a playing field in just a handful of moves.

Q also confirms there will be two-player multiplayer, but hasn't specified whether it's online. We'd expect so though, and for there to be lots of leaderboards and that sort of thing to bring it into line with its two-year-old Xbox Live Arcade equivalent, Lumines Live.