Lumines Supernova

Lumines coming to iPhone

Plus price drops on 360 and PS3.

Q Entertainment has revealed that it's to release its hypnotic musical block-puzzler, Lumines, for the iPhone, reports 1up.

Loads of PS3 DLC and two demos

SFIV, Lumines, POP, Burnout, etc.

Sony has updated the PlayStation Network store with PS3 demos of Wanted and WWE Legends of WrestleMania, along with downloadable content for Street Fighter IV, Lumines Supernova, Prince of Persia, Burnout Paradise and Skate 2.

Lumines Supernova

Lumines Supernova

Skin job.

The reward for success, it seems, is omnipresence, and the price of omnipresence is diminishing returns. Hence the trajectory of most videogame franchises: a slow, slippery, miserable descent into over-tweaking and yearly rebalancing, an attrition as wearying and inevitable as anything from geology, whittling away at a title until that gentle, sparkling river you used to love has become a dusty echoing canyon, and all joy has drained from the world.

Not so Lumines, though, which greets each new platform shift as an opportunity to keep its core game gloriously unchanged - and which, mostly, has the poise and style to get away with it. Despite the seismic, solar-system-rupturing subtitle, Supernova is largely the same puzzler you've been playing for years on the PSP, the PSP again, the PS2, Xbox Live Arcade, mobile phones, and possibly a couple of other formats I'm not aware of. Just last night, my girlfriend turned over in her sleep, and there, set into the back of her head was that familiar blinking, twinkling arrangement of falling blocks standing out against the steady swish of the passing timeline. I'd forgotten that I'd bought the cranial implant version.

If you've somehow managed to miss out on Lumines until now and can't wait until 2050- when an edict from World Emperor Mizuguchi will ensure that a playable copy of the game is tattooed onto the back of every newborn's right hand - here's the basic idea: two-tone blocks fall from above, and must be rotated and placed to form squares of matching colours, before the timeline slides past and makes them disappear. Chain squares together for big scores, risk everything to link up special blocks and take out buried strands of an entire colour, and try not to let your teetering stacks reach the top of the screen, at which point it's game over.

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Lumines Supernova set for PSN

Puzzly horse not dead, flogging afoot.

Q Entertainment has announced that Lumines Supernova for PlayStation Network will be released this autumn.