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Lumines PS3 treated to Classic skins

Retro DLC for the US today.

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Q Entertainment will be offering a Classic Skins Pack for Lumines Supernova on PSN today.

So far, however, that's only confirmed for the US, where the retro skins will cost USD 4.99 (GBP 3.50). We've asked for Euro plans, although the weekly PlayStation Store-refresh due later will likely tell us all we need to know.

Incidentally, we're not sure whether buying the Classic Skin Pack from the US PS Store will work with a European PS Store-bought Lumines Supernova. But feel free to put us right.

Lumines Supernova was released here last week, and proved to be the fullest incarnation of the musical puzzler so far. Still, we've seen the formula reproduced so many times now that the recipe will never have quite the same impact as the PSP original. Plus, puzzle games are clearly designed to be played whilst on the toilet.

Head over to our Lumines Supernova review for our thoughts.

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