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Lumines Supernova coming soon to PS3

Winter-bound puzzler has LBP skin.

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Q Entertainment plans to release Lumines Supernova on the PlayStation Network sometime over the next couple of months - winter, you might call it.

There's nothing more specific, unfortunately, nor a price. But we do know there will be a special LittleBigPlanet skin for the musical puzzle game.

Lumines Supernova is another iteration of the wonderful - and much ported - block-dropping series, where screens are cleared by arranging squares of 2x2 in the same colour. These are then removed when a vertical line sweeps from left to right.

New here are loads more skins (levels) for the Challenge mode, a Dig Down mode where falling blocks help clear a screen already clogged with squares, a create-your-own-music Sequencer mode, plus Skin Edit and Time Attack modes.

There's a Puzzle / Mission mode as well, where blocks are arranged into pre-defined patterns, and two people can battle against each other on the same console.

Oh, and Trophy support.

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