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Castle Crashers MP patch coming soon

"As fast as possible", says The Behemoth.

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Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth is "working with Microsoft to get a patch out as fast as possible" to fix multiplayer connection problems.

"When we went through testing, Microsoft approved all our network code and we had no problems at all. There are those things in real-world scenarios that we couldn't account for," art director Dan Paladin told Joystiq.

Castle Crashers launched last week on Xbox Live Arcade, but connection problems have been rife - and despite giving the game 8/10 we admitted that the inability to get a co-op game going for more than a couple of levels was a drawback, particularly as Castle Crashers is clearly designed to be played with friends.

Lead programmer Tom Fulp said the problems were unforeseen. "We had six-hour play sessions and nothing ever came up," he told Joystiq.

"Yeah, there are certain network settings where, if you're in a very specific network environment, it won't work with another person's connection and that's what's happening. But that's something we're already addressing by working with Microsoft to get a patch out as fast as possible," said Paladin.

Paladin and Fulp were also able to tease about the game's performance since launch. "As far as we know we're record-breaking, because we aren't sure of anyone else selling as many copies," said Fulp, pending confirmation from Microsoft.

"Although," said Paladin, "we do have leaderboard totals to go off of and the last time we check, it was at about 103,000 players."

One of Castle Crashers' August predecessors, Bionic Commando Rearmed, has sold more than 130,000 copies across multiple formats. Connection problems or not, then, it was a decent month for Live Arcade.

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