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Burnout Paradise Trophies released

More free support for Criterion racer.

Criterion has released a patch to introduce Trophy support to the PlayStation 3 version of Burnout Paradise.

There are over 60 Trophies to unlock, including seven for the recently released Bikes Pack, and the patch should download automatically next time you load up the game.

Sadly for long-time fans of Criterion's well-supported racer though, those who have already completed objectives laid out by the Trophies will not be rewarded unless they start again.

"Burnout Paradise saves are locked to your profile. We had hoped to use this to retroactively award Trophies, but we discovered during testing that this is not possible," Criterion explained on its website.

"You will therefore require a fresh game-save to receive Trophies in Burnout Paradise. If you're familiar with PS3 Trophies already, you'll recognise that this works in the same way as all other games that have added trophy support post-release." Sad but true.

Then again, Burnout fans haven't much other reason to complain, what with the numerous challenges introduced by the original Cagney patch (for which there are also Trophies) and this month's Bikes Pack.

As you will know if you've read our Burnout Paradise Bikes Pack review, it's a free download with very few drawbacks.

There's more to come, too, with the promise of a new island area to explore in the upcoming "Eastwood" patch. As with Cagney and the Bikes Pack (formerly "Davis"), it's all free for owners of the game.

And if you're not one of those yet, you can actually buy Burnout Paradise directly from the PlayStation Store for GBP 24.99. Or, er, you could buy it in a shop for the same or less. But don't tell anyone.

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