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Free bass for anyone pre-ordering Guitar Hero: World Tour 'super bundle'

Get yourself a freebie if you get in early.

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A bass guitar peripheral worth GBP 50 is to be given away to customers who pre-order the Guitar Hero World Tour 'super bundle'.

A report in UK trade magazine MCV says that those who pre-order the GBP 150 'super bundle' including the game, guitar, microphone and drum kit will also get a Guitar Hero bass guitar.

Activision has confirmed it will be an official RedOctane peripheral, and that the offer will apply to the UK only. The 'bass' will be the same as the Guitar Hero 3 peripheral on the PS3, we have been informed.

Activision's UK and Ireland marketing boss David Tyler described it as"the biggest pre-order incentive the industry has ever seen".

The offer will apparently apply to "any retailer" and consumers can pre-order "either online or in-store".

"This is a significant investment to reward our loyal fans, ensuring the full band experience is available from the off," he added.

Needless to say, demand is expected to be ridiculously high, so if you want the full kit our advice is to get in there quickly.

Meanwhile, Activision has also revealed that Guitar Hero World Tour will be available in a wide variety of configurations on PS2, PS3, 360 and Wii, including bundles which include the game and the new guitar, as well as the drums and the super bundle.

A release date has been pegged for 'early November'.

In the build-up to release, be sure to keep an eye on the Guitar Hero World Tour gamepage.

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