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GHWT-to-GH5 song transfer priced

35 songs can be copied over.

Only 35 out of 85 songs in Guitar Hero World Tour can be imported into the upcoming Guitar Hero 5, according to a report.

In a feature on the latest instalment in the music game series, USA Today (thanks Kotaku) mentions the 35-song figure and says it costs 280 Microsoft Points (£2.38 / €3.36) on Xbox 360 and $3.50 on PlayStation 3 to perform the operation.

By way of comparison, it costs 400 MSP (£3.40 / €4.80) to import 55 of Rock Band 1's songs into Rock Band 2.

Activision has previously noted that Guitar Hero 5 DLC won't be backwardly compatible with Guitar Hero World Tour, either, putting the problem down to "advancements and innovations".

The majority of downloadable songs for GHWT will work with GH5, however.

Guitar Hero 5 is due out on 11th September and will be reviewed next week. Check out our Guitar Hero 5 preview to see what the deal is this time.