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America's Next Top Model for DS

The show, not the girl.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eidos has, in a lightbulb moment, decided to turn America's Next Top Model into a game for DS.

Release is scheduled for 7th November, when players will frantically compete to be crowned the hottest new prospect in modelling. On their DS.

Pick from one of 10 models, then take part in make up, catwalk, photoshoot and fashion challenges to progress through the stages to the final.

America's Next Top Model, created by buxom lingerie supermodel and chat-show host Tyra Banks in 2003, recently started its 11th season. Last year, ANTM attracted the highest number of average viewers for all shows on the US CW (CBS and Warner Bros.) telly network.

We've seen every series so far. Seriously. We'd pick Kahlen or Joanie as our favourite.

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