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Dofus opens new Heroic server

Enjoy permanent death, from today.

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Everyone's favourite isometric, anime-style, environmentally-conscious, hippy, French, massively multiplayer strategy-RPG - Dofus - is launching a new Heroic server with a new rule-set today.

The server introduces permanent death for all characters - "for the first time in online role-playing game history", says the press release, although we think Blizzard might have something to say about that. (Diablo II famously featured a Hardcore permanent-death mode, and was playable online.)

As well as losing your character forever if you die, your opponents can loot all your items. To ease the pain, developer Ankama has ensured that levelling up your character and professions is much faster under the Heroic rules.

The Cemetery of Heroes will provide a daily-updated worldwide ranking system to immortalise dead Dofus heroes. There's only one Heroic Dofus server, so the fight to survive the longest is open to players from all over the world.

Ankama is also experimenting with an NPC-free MMO in Dofus' forthcoming sequel, Wakfu. For more on the original game, including our charmed 8/10 review, check out the Dofus gamepage.

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