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Islands of Wakfu for XBLA in 09

Two-player adventure from makers of Dofus.

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Ankama Games, the French studio which created the remarkably successful and weird strategy-MMO Dofus, is working on its first console game for Xbox Live Arcade.

Islands of Wakfu is a spin-off from Wakfu, Ankama's in-development Dofus sequel, animated TV series and all-round "crossmedia universe". It's due for release in late 2009.

Although it shares the beautiful, hand-drawn, isometric graphical style of Dofus and Wakfu, Islands of Wakfu isn't massively multiplayer. It's an "adventure/beat 'em all style game", according to Ankama, and has a team mode that supports two players.

It's in development at a new studio Ankama set up to make console games, called Ankama Play. You can see screens in the gallery.

Wakfu is due out next year, and Dofus is also getting a major overhaul soon. Read more about them at the Dofus and Wakfu gamepages.

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