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MMO Dofus has 30 million users

And 3.5 million paying subscribers.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Attractive turn-based cartoon MMO Dofus has a whopping 30 million "registered players".

What's more, 3.5 million of those pay around €5 to play each month.

Ankama Games revealed the numbers at the Ankama Convention in Paris at the weekend. And you have to be wealthy to have your own convention - just ask Blizzard.

Further number-crunching revealed that Dofus counted, on average, 1 million players a day, peaking at 250,000 simultaneous connections. Alors!

It's not surprising, then, that Anakama reckons Dofus is the top MMO dog in France (where 60 per cent of players live) and the French-speaking regions of Belgium, Switzerland and Canada. Apparently there's a healthy following in Spain and Latin America, too.

Dofus scored 8/10 on Eurogamer in April 2008. Not content, Ankama transformed the game to Dofus 2.0 in December 2009, overhauling the graphics engine as well as server and client code. Dofus will grow again this year with new expansion Frigost, made specifically for level 100-200 characters.

Ankama's also taking the game east to Russia and Japan at some point in 2010.

That's in addition to making PVP spin-off Dofus Arena (due to launch on June 21st), co-operative dungeon crawler Slage, sequel Wakfu, and XBLA action-adventure Islands of Wakfu. Oh, and an animated TV series, created by Ankama itself, now in its second season in France and watched by 1 million people per episode. And a browser game spin-off from the TV series called Wakfu: The Guardians. And Dofus manga (800,000 copies sold). And and and.

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