Feature | Ankama's World

The French company quietly building a cartoon gaming empire.

MMO Dofus has 30 million users

And 3.5 million paying subscribers.

Ankama dates Dofus 2.0 launch

Cartoon MMO transforms in December.

Feature | Ankama's World

The French company quietly building a cartoon gaming empire.

MMO Dofus has 30 million users

And 3.5 million paying subscribers.

Ankama dates Dofus 2.0 launch

Cartoon MMO transforms in December.

Islands of Wakfu for XBLA in 09

Two-player adventure from makers of Dofus.

Dofus 2.0

Graphics and game overhauled.

Dofus reaches 10 million players

Flash-based cartoon MMO a charmer.

Dofus opens new Heroic server

Enjoy permanent death, from today.

Review | Dofus

No Flash in the pan.

Dofus hits UK milestone

100,000 users in one month.

DOFUS launches in UK

With dedicated storyline, servers.

Ankama's new MMO preaches freedom

No NPCs, no shackles, no limits.