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Dofus hits UK milestone

100,000 users in one month.

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Ankama Games has announced that more than 100,000 of you have logged in to the dedicated UK version of Dofus in just one month.

It launched on 10th April and boasted a region-specific server and customer service team, on top of planned story updates at regular intervals in the future.

However, our version doesn't have the full bag of fantasy content experienced by over 3 million other players worldwide, currently lacking classes and locations. But Ankama assures us these will be added if the online world proves popular here.

Dofus is a cartoon-inspired online role-playing game boasting a turn-based combat system. It's unique and charming, and was recently shown off at an event in London.

"The response here in the UK has surpassed all our expectations." said Cedric Gerard, marketing manager at Ankama. "Seeing our fans and also meeting new ones here has shown us that the UK gaming community is really at a turn and has never been so open to new online experiences."

Statistics taken from around the world show that it's teenagers who are mostly populating the game, with more that 65 per cent under 19 years of age.

Developer Anakama is currently also hard at work on a sequel to the game, Wakfu. It will take place in the same universe more than 1000 years later, and attempt to give players the freedom to shape the world through their actions.

Head over to the Dofus website for more information, or swan over to the Wakfu site to see what Anakama have planned for 2008.

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