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DOFUS launches in UK

With dedicated storyline, servers.

Ankama Games released a new version of its cartoon-inspired MMO in the UK yesterday, specifically focused on our rainy region.

It includes a new update system that lets us islanders enjoy a brand new, exclusive storyline told in a series of regular episodic releases. Plus there's also a new tutorial area called Incarnam, which will allow you to evolve much faster than usual by meeting appropriate beasties until you reach level 15.

To begin with there will only be the enormous village (sounds more like a city) of Astrub and several outlying dungeons to explore, but Ankama plans to add the full plethora of options if the UK community flourishes, which would mean new zones, dungeons, functionalities, pets and classes.

This new offering will also be garbled together on some lovely new servers just up the road from, er, you or me - which are bound to be very fast and shiny. But all you hardened game-lords will care about is that it means everyone starts their characters at the same time, rather than the promise of a new and unique community. Which means only those that have played non-stop since launch yesterday will be ahead of you, rather than those who've played for years elsewhere.

The final splodge of icing on the cake is that the game's free to play. So until Ankama start piling fantasy-buckets of new features in you won't have to pay a penny. And when they do, you'll have the option to subscribe and unlock the rest of the world, stay as you are, or turn and walk away.

DOFUS was originally released back in late 2005, and since then has undergone many transformations, attracting nearly 3 million players worldwide. It's a fantasy MMORPG that boasts a hugely tactical combat system and interactive cartoon atmosphere. Other than that it's largely familiar territory, with numerous levels to achieve and equipment to collect.

Ankama also recently revealed that it has a sequel in development called Wakfu, which is expected to begin beta testing around July, and will take place 1,000 years after the first game.

So, if it sounds like something that's up your alley, pop over to the DOFUS website and get involved.

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