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No downlodable demo for Far Cry 2

Plus: graphics are "sick", says producer.

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The producer of Far Cry 2 has said there will be no opportunity to try the game before you buy.

"No demos will be available," Louis-Pierre Pharand said in our LiveText chat.

"It became too complex to do a demo of an openworld game. We decided to put those efforts into the game so everyone can enjoy a better, more polished experience."

And enjoy it you will, said a confident Pharand, whether you're buying the Xbox 360, PS3 or PC version. "I'm not too shy to say that no one else can deliver what we will in a few weeks on PC and consoles: 50 square kilometres of openworld, no loading and sick graphics," he said.

Pharand also confirmed you will get to run over the animals in Far Cry 2, though you will not be able to break a lion's legs off.

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