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Sonic leads Virtual Console charge

Boulderdash and Jumpman in tow.

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Sonic the mutant hedgehog heads the Virtual Console billing today, with the Master System port now available. If only he had stayed on that side of the road.

He's followed by a pair of C64 gems, the first being Boulderdash. This game has had countless sequels and a few remakes along the way - and for good reason: the original formula of digging through caves collecting jewels while avoiding obstacles such as rocks and monsters remains potent.

Jumpman is steeped in even more historical importance, as it was the original name given to Mario in the arcade game Donkey Kong. Jump around platforms defusing bombs. Simple. However, as Retro heads will know, this is Epyx's Jumpman, and absolutely nowt to do with Nintendo's platformer. Still. It's a good 'un.

Each of these Virtual Console morsels cost 500 Wii Points, which translates to GBP 3.50 / EUR 5.

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