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Help rename Games for Windows - Live

"Ensemble" perhaps, since it's going spare.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft wants your help renaming PC online service Games for Windows - Live, presumably having come to the same conclusion about the name as everyone else.

Or so you would think, but judging by the Gamerscoreblog post asking for input, the goal is to make the name even longer and dafter than before. Yes, the only part you can vote on is a word to be added after "Live".

The Microsofties who staff the blog offer "Games for Windows - Live Dashboard", "Games for Windows - Live Portal", "Games for Windows - Live Marketplace", "Games for Windows - Live Guide" and "Games for Windows - Live Client" as potential alternatives.

You can cast your vote for those elsewhere on the internet. Or you could lobby for "Games for Windows - Live" to remain, or come up with your own final word. Or you could just click back in your browser and do something else.

Microsoft recently announced a PC version of Xbox Live Marketplace and withdrew its subscription costs for the service, so the re-branding is logical, which makes a change for Games for Windows - Live if you ask us.

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