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EA boss says PS3 wand is called Gem

Sony's saying nothing, for now.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Silver-haired EA boss John Riccitiello has referred to Sony's new motion-sensing PS3 wand as "Gem".

"In the coming year, both Sony and Microsoft have announced new controllers. Motion sensor controls, Natal and Gem, these are likely to bring new consumers into the marketplace," blurted Riccitiello during UBS' Annual Global Media Conference yesterday, as overheard by IGN.

Sony's responded and said that no official name has been announced.

The PS3 motion-sensing wand will be released this spring. Four can be used at once, handy for Vishnu, and they'll rumble until the cows come home.

Meanwhile, Microsoft's Natal carries no date, although an autumn 2010 release appears to be everybody's best guess.

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