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Sony reveals PS Move facts galore

What didn't you know?

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Sony has compiled a huge PlayStation Move Q&A ahead of the controller's general release next Friday.

There's not much new, but the article offers a handy accumulation of facts. What's more, Sony intends to add to the piece over time.

Had you remembered that the ideal range for the camera is between five and nine feet away? Were you aware that using Move in a sunny room may not be a good idea? No? You should have a read.

PlayStation Move will be released next Friday, 17th September. A lone Move controller will cost £34.99, PlayStation Eye camera £24.99 and PS Move sub-controller £24.99. You don't need the latter to play most Move games, though.

Sony will bundle the main Move controller and the PlayStation Eye together for £49.99. This pack also contains a disk stuffed with demos for various Move games.

Ellie Gibson took a look at two Move launch games last week. These were Start the Party and Sports Champions.

I like to, Move it.

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