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Bit.Trip Beat due on PC, PSN/XBLA possible

Gaijin also tells us about Bit.Trip Fate.

Ace WiiWare rhythm-actioner Bit.Trip Beat will soon be melting retinas on the PC, Gaijin Games has told Eurogamer.

"Look for Bit.Trip Beat on the PC soon," confirmed CEO Alex Neuse. "If that performs well, we might do more cross-platform stuff in the future."

"We'd love to take the series to the other platforms," he continued, "but it's never as simple as just bringing an existing game over. First parties want exclusive content, and everyone has unique requirements. Finding out just how to bring the games over is a big challenge in and of itself. And then figuring out how to afford the development of the games is another challenge.

"What it comes down to is that we hope to someday be on the other consoles, but currently there are no concrete plans. Had we designed these games from the start to be multi-platform, it'd be a different story, but the other two consoles just didn't have the control schemes that we wanted back then, so we went strictly WiiWare."

Next up for Gaijin on WiiWare is Bit.Trip Fate, the fifth game in the series following Beat, Core, Void and Runner. Whereas Runner was a rhythm platformer, Fate is an on-rails, side-scrolling shoot-'em-up. Befitting of the series, the trailer looks utterly bonkers - check it out below.

In terms of plot, Neuse would only reveal: "CommanderVideo discovers what his corporeal fate is and realises that it's unavoidable." Him too, huh?

He also hinted at what Gaijin may tackle once it's done with the Bit.Trip series following the sixth, as-yet unannounced entry.

"I think we're all pretty excited for life after Bit.Trip. We love the series and the franchise, but we're ready to tackle something different. What we're doing next is going to be totally different from what we've done so far, and I think the fans will be very surprised."

3DS development perhaps?

"I can neither confirm nor deny that we do or do not have a Nintendo 3DS dev kit; nor that it is or is not red; nor that we have or do not have any plans for Nintendo 3DS development. Nor can I confirm or deny that the Bit.Trip games do or do not look totally amazing in 3D."

Both Bit.Trip Beat PC and Bit.Trip Fate will launch this autumn.

Bit.Trip Fate on WiiWare.

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Bit.Trip Beat

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