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MOH beta to "clear up misunderstanding"

"About patriotism and respect."

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EA has organised a last minute PC open beta for Medal of Honor to "clear up any misunderstanding" about the Afghanistan setting of the modern war game.

Just last week, EA beat off accusations about manipulating a topic - a very sensitive one - to shift games. Executive producer Greg Goodrich explained that MOH was "not about the Taliban or Al-Qaeda" but about honoring the soldiers that fought them. Even Call of Duty: Black Ops developer Treyarch jumped to its rival series' defence.

Doors will open to the Medal of Honor PC beta on 4th October, and close again on 7th October (middle-of-the-night 8th October here in Europe).

"We hope that by offering the multiplayer open beta, we can clear up any misunderstanding about the patriotism and respect that are the foundation of this game," commented EA Games boss Frank Gibeau. "The Medal of Honor franchise has always shown extraordinary reverence for American and Allied soldiers - this game is no exception."

The PC MOH beta contains two maps: Kunar Base, a Selector Control map, and Shahikot Mountains, a Combat Mission map. Both are scenarios for two teams of 12 players.

Medal of Honor will be released for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on 15th October.

You can play the game even earlier at the Eurogamer Expo 2010, along with just about every other game you can imagine. That event takes place at Earl's Court in London from 1st to 3rd October.

Eurogamer tested the Medal of Honor single-player campaign earlier this month, and then sat down executive producer Greg Goodrich for a chat.

Oh Tiery me.

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