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Atari GO to make money from old games

Casual venture wants your help.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Hundreds of old Atari games are to be reinvented as casual and social experiences on sites like Facebook and in web-browsers under the newly-launched Atari GO label.

But it won't be just Atari making the games. The clever part of Atari GO is that it welcomes websites that already host unofficial emulations of Atari oldies. They're invited to become affiliates and therefore gain legitimate access to authentic versions of those Atari games - providing they share any profits generated from them.

Atari GO also offers a developer program. This is for people keen on re-imagining Atari games for modern audiences on social networks. Atari's entire portfolio of over 1000 titles is considered fair game.

Featured Games available on Atari GO right now are Faeries vs. Darklings, Dark Orbit, Tempest, Centipede and Seafight. Asteroids Online is "coming soon".

Money will be earned via micro-transactions, and there's even scope for Atari GO to create bite-sized experiences that tie-in with the core publisher portfolio: games like Test Drive Unlimited 2.

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