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Zombies invade new Yakuza game

Gangster rippin'.

SEGA has announced a brand new Yakuza game, and it's set to take the series in a bizarre new direction.

Yakuza: Of The End, revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu, sees familiar franchise faces Kazuma, Goro, Ryuji and Shun ditch their mobster day jobs to protect the streets of Kamurocho from hordes of zombies.

The series was recently lauded for its portrayal of Japanese gangsters by actual real-life yakuza, but unless the Tokyo underworld's been hiding something all these years then it's probably safe to say the addition of brain-hungry, reanimated corpses is a step away from its realistic roots.

No word yet on when Yakuza: Of The End will arrive on these shores or for which platforms, but Yakuza is typically Sony-exclusive, and seeing as the excellent Yakuza 4 isn't due here until early next year, we may have a wait on our hands.