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Sega transfers GAME-exclusive Yakuza: Dead Souls DLC to other shops

Confirms no-show at GAME and Gamestation this Friday.

Sega has transferred the previously GAME-exclusive Yakuza: Dead Souls Densetsu DLC Pack to other retailers.

In doing so, it's also confirmed that the PlayStation 3 exclusive won't be stocked by GAME or Gamestation either in their retail shops or online in the UK and Ireland when the game launches this Friday.

"However, Sega would like to reassure its customers that Yakuza: Dead Souls will be available at a wide variety of retailers across the UK and Ireland," it said in a statement. "For those who have already placed a deposit to pre-order Yakuza: Dead Souls, a full refund will be available from their local GAME or Gamestation shop, or via the respective online stores."

You can buy from the following shops: Amazon, HMV,, Gamestop, The Hut, Zavvi and "various independent retailers".

To get the Densetsu DLC Pack, you now have to pre-order at Zavvi and various independent retailers, all listed on the Sega Yakuza: Dead Souls website.

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