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Yakuza: Dead Souls Western release date

Formerly known as Yakuza: Of the End.

SEGA has renamed Yakuza: Of the End to Yakuza: Dead Souls for Western release, March 2012.

Dead Souls will be a PS3 exclusive, just like Demon's Souls was. Dark Souls isn't, though. Confused? What?

The Western release of Yakuza: Of the End/Dead Souls will add a brand new Pachislot mini-game.

Eurogamer's Yakuza: Of the End Japanese import review awarded 7/10.

"It's not quite the fitting finale that Yakuza fans might have hoped for," wrote reviewer Chris Schilling. "A Return of the Jedi rather than a Blackadder Goes Forth - a clutch of memorable moments that don't quite gel into a wholly satisfying climax.

"Still, should Sega decide to localise it for the West, it's unlikely that fans will be left with anything other than positive memories of a franchise that never quite got the praise it deserved."