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Medal of Honor! FIFA 11! Pigeon hate! Mario's secret mother!

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It may be fast approaching 40, but you certainly wouldn't describe the Podcast as over the hill (although you might go for "incoherent and plagued by the noise of seagulls"). This week's star cast of Tom Bramwell, Tom Champion and Wes Yin-Poole pound through the events of the last seven days with boundless clarity and occasional relevance.

We take in Brammers' recent trip to DICE to see how Medal of Honor is getting on, while everyone's been playing FIFA 11 in the office and has something to say about it and Champion repeatedly mentions that everything is at the Expo.

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Medal of Honor, it turns out, is doing a rather more respectable job of walking the line between HUA BADITUDE and telling soldiers' stories with care and attention than Liam Fox would perhaps imagine, while FIFA 11, it turns out, has some upgraded menus and people wobble about a bit more. "Insight" doesn't begin to cover it (remotely).

We also turn back the years and consider the life and times of Super Mario - 25 years young this week - and Champo draws questionable conclusions about his parentage, and there's a welcome return for "Your favourite gaming era" in Forum Affairs, allowing us to wax incoherent about Street Fighter II, 3dfx cards and more.

Stick around to the end and this week's free code is for Shank on Xbox Live Arcade, and there's even news of Brammers' SingStar escapades at Bestival. Always gaming.

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The Podcast is published every Tuesday at 3pm UK time. Look out for a possible SPECIAL EDITION next week if a few bits and pieces come together...

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