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Mobile Games Roundup

Yin! Slitherlink! Piyo! Kowa! Tumble!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Hello, good evening and welcome to the inaugural Mobile Games Roundup. [It's lunchtime actually. -Ed.] After six months of being tormented by your weeping faces in our dreams, we thought we should salve our collective conscience and get around to fully focusing on the many fun and interesting things going on in the world of mobile gaming.

We even had a whip-round, ferreted around down the back of the sofa and got ourselves an Android handset (an HTC Desire, for reference). So, from now on, you'll be treated to reviews of the most interesting nuggets across all of Apple's iOS devices and the Android. When Windows Phone 7 hits, we'll be sure to focus on that as well. No-one could bear to see a Windows fan oozing salty tears of negligence, now could they?

Mr Yin & Ms Yang

  • iPhone / £0.59
Love in a different dimension.

You know how it goes. You're on your way to your wedding, you get dragged into a dark parallel universe, and then spend your life trying to be reunited with your future spouse before your guests get bored and start singing Come On Eileen in French.

No, this isn't the latest episode of Fringe, but an adorable platform-puzzler from new Japanese indie FunTribe. In the 50 single-screen stages, Mr Yin can move through areas with a white background, while Ms. Yang can pass through black areas.

Although they can use the opposing colour as a platform to jump onto, they can't walk through it, so you have to ensure safe passage for the inverse sweethearts by turning blocks from black to white and vice versa.

Problematically, you can only 'dig' diagonally downwards in the direction you're facing, so you're somewhat limited in the available blocks that you can invert - but if you get it wrong, you can always revert them.

With its endearing art style and pressure-free design, the only thing to worry about is the fate of the guests. No-one likes a punch-up at a wedding. Or Come On Eileen, let's face it.