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Halo: Reach played for a millennia

Bungie deploys statistics.

Bungie has revealed that Halo: Reach owners have collectively ploughed more than a millennia into the game's campaign mode.

The exact figure is 1365 "man-years", as the Bungie website calls them. And that's not including the 953 man-years that have been spent in matchmade games.

A massive 98 million player-games and 31 million games have been recorded since Halo: Reach's launch last Tuesday. During those, over 8 million Daily Challenges and 255,996 Weekly Challenges were completed.

Nearly 1 million files have been uploaded and over 4.6 million files downloaded. Plus, over half a million recommendations have been sent to friends (you Achievement-whoring so-and-sos).

Halo: Reach became Microsoft's biggest ever launch by generating $200 million in just 24 hours last week.

Bungie's last Halo game will no doubt top the UK all-formats chart later this morning, but by how much remains to be seen.

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