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Control Sky Player with Kinect

Wave hands or speak at the telly.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Kinect will allow control of Sky Player television on Xbox 360 with "a simple wave of the hand" or voice commands such as "pause", "rewind", "fast forward", "play" and, presumably, "stop".

The two will work together from Kinect's launch on 10th November.

Sky Player - a subscription service - offers 32 live telly channels that span sport, movies and other guff. More than a million people have downloaded the Sky Player client on Xbox 360 since it launched a year ago.

A Sky Player subscription for Non-Sky TV Customers starts at £15 a month and scales to £41.50. Those who already subscribe to Sky Multiroom or Sky Broadband Unlimited can watch their subscribed channels for free. Those who subscribe to Sky TV and would like to use Sky Player pay £10 a month.

Last month Microsoft hailed the Sky Player as a resounding success.

If it were a videogame it would be a top five title, Jerry Johnson, general manager of Xbox Live Studios in Soho said at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival.

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