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US gets God of War: Ghost of Sparta demo

PSP game still without an EU release date.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

As US gamers prepare themselves for a God of War: Ghost of Sparta demo, European gamers are still in the dark over the game's release.

Yesterday Sony announced that the demo of the PSP exclusive would pop up on the US PlayStation Store today.

It followed the announcement of US specific pre-order plans. Gamers who order the title from GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy or digitally through PSN will receive a special code which gives them access to six chunks of exclusive content.

They'll get a Kratos PSN Avatar, the original game soundtrack, a Legionnaire skin, a PSP theme, a creative directors' commentary and a PS3 Dynamic Theme.

"We'll announce pre-order plans for the UK later," Sony told Eurogamer. "No confirmed release date yet."

Ready At Dawn's God of War: Ghost of Sparta is due out on American PSPs on 2nd November 2010.

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