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Canny gamers will "eliminate" bad games

Predicts Capcom.

In the future gamers will become so canny when forking out their hard-earned cash that bad games will be eliminated, Resident Evil creator Capcom reckons.

"Looking ahead, I believe gamers are going to have a sharper eye and become even more selective," deputy head of consumer games Jun Takeuchi said in a new interview published on Capcom's website.

"This will eliminate poorly made games from the market, and drive down the number of titles released. The market will no longer be one in which a new game grabs people's attention and interest."

Capcom, which has branched out into Western-development in recent years, is responsible for blockbuster franchises Street Fighter, Dead Rising and Devil May Cry.

Looking to the future, Takeuchi predicted that two types of games will emerge: those targeted at core gamers and those targeted at a mass audience.

"I think the demand will be characterized by trends that are polar opposites," Takeuchi, who produced Onimusha 3, Lost Planet and Resident Evil 5, said.

"One of these trends will be games that specifically target a small number of hardcore gamers. The other trend will be popular, big name titles, such as Resident Evil, that target a mass audience and focus on delivering a sense of entertainment.

"Either way, the important thing for us is to carefully cultivate the elements for both types of games in order to put out titles that people can enjoy playing for a long time."

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