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Iconic devs celebrate PSOne's 15th bday

Lanning, Braben, Perry, de Ronde, more.

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A slew of well known and probably very rich developers have remembered the first PlayStation console on this, its 15th birthday.

Industry icons such as Lorne Lanning (Oddworld), David Braben (Elite, LostWinds, Kinectimals), David Perry (Gaikai, Earthworm Jim, MDK) and Guillaume de Fondaumiere (Heavy Rain, Fahrenheit) all offered a glimpse at what life was life back then; what it was to be a developer pitched to by the towering Phil Harrison of Sony Worldwide Studios.

"From a developer point of view, it turned a business that felt a little amateurish, into something that felt slick," recalled David Braben, now chairman of LostWinds and Kinectimals developer Frontier.

"I remember the original presentation from Phil Harrison to developers, of the new 'PSX' machine. It felt a little like unveiling of a new car. It was slick, professional, polished (with great imagery of an animated T-Rex).

"We haven't looked back since."

David Perry agreed: "It changed everything. Suddenly 3D wasn't just kind of possible (like the Genesis 32X), it was real and in every console.

"After that dinosaur demo the energy was incredible and Sony jumped in with both feet firing up all marketing cylinders. My hat also goes off to Phil Harrison who got on the road and really made sure everyone paid attention.

"Great hardware, great support, great games, it's no surprise that even 15 years later you still want to write about it."

And so we ask you, Eurogamer reader, what you were doing 15 years ago; what your favourite PlayStation games were; and what you feel the legacy of the PlayStation has been.

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