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Activision's Blood Drive outed

"Motorized Vehicles on Steroids."

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The British Board of Film Classification has listed a new game called Blood Drive.

The game is from Activision, and according to the listing, originally spotted by CVG, is due out on 19th November.

As you'd expect from a game called Blood Drive, there's "strong language and gory violence".

Still, the game was passed with no cuts made, and has a 15 certificate.

Online shop Amazon's also listed the game, and in doing so has provided some details.

"Motorized Vehicles on Steroids?" reads the site. "THE CARS ARE THE STARS! Battle-hardened & itching to be modded with killer weaponry and armor pick-ups." Boom.

Amazon says there are zombies from Vegas, souped-up muscle cars, tournament structure gameplay and online play.

Amazon has Blood Drive down for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and says it'll be out on 26th October.

Activision had no comment to make on the matter when contacted by Eurogamer this morning.

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