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Global Agenda wants APB "refugees"

"We mourn our latest fallen colleague."

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Global Agenda, the other shooter MMO, wants to hoover up APB "refugees" whose game was abruptly turned off last week.

In an open letter to "Shooter/MMO Fans", Global Agenda boss Todd Harris offered his sympathies before revealing an alluring 30 per cent discount for homeless genre fans.

"Today, we mourn our latest fallen colleague, APB," wrote Harris on the Global Agenda blog. "In making APB, Realtime Worlds had a bold vision to make an MMO devoid of traditional tab-targeting, cast bars, and die-roll combat. We honour their effort and innovation, and greatly mourn the game's closing.

"Sadly, the APB server shutdown leaves their entire community with nothing to shoot or blow up tonight! So between today and Friday, September 24, 2010, we are offering refugees from APB and other Shooter/MMOs an opportunity to join Global Agenda's growing community more easily and affordably than ever.

"We figure you deserve it," he added. "And you'll fit right in since you already know how to aim."

By entering the promotional code "LongLiveShooterMMOs", the price of the game drops to £13.12. There's no monthly fee, plus there's a free trial to test the waters with.

"We at Hi-Rez Studios believe strongly in the Shooter/MMO genre," Harris closed. "We celebrate and thank all developers advancing innovative Shooter/MMO concepts, as well as the fans that dedicate their time to playing and supporting these games."

Global Agenda was released at the beginning of 2010 and earned the same mark from Eurogamer as APB. Head over to Eurogamer's Global Agenda review for the full appraisal.

How to survive in Global Agenda.

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