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Global Agenda to have voiced news

Subscription optional for action MMO.

Independently-produced sci-fi action MMO Global Agenda has announced it will have built-in voice support from Vivox - including in-game news broadcasts.

The news will report key victories and events in Global Agenda's grand metagame of persistent territory control fought over by player Alliances.

There will, naturally, be push-to-talk voice chat for team communication. Players who pick up the optional subscription will also be able to enjoy out-of-game voice chat, communicating with their Agency members while using their computers for other things, or even calling in to a chat channel from their phones.

Developer Hi-Rez has previously announced that Global Agenda will support unrestricted free play after a one-time purchase. You won't need to subscribe to play up to maximum level or unlock every device in the game, and enjoy its PvP and PvE shooter maps.

However, you'll need to pay a subscription for Global Agenda: Conquest, which will grant access to the Alliance-versus-Alliance territory control campaign. Subscribers also get elite missions, the option to create and level up Alliances and Agencies, 60-player raiding, extra customisation options, and the expected feature set of an MMO: an auction house, mail system, and crafting.

Global Agenda is due for release in the first quarter of 2010. Read more in our recent hands-on from PAX.