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Two more games confirmed for Expo

Play Saw and Global Agenda.

Two more titles have been added to the ever-increasing list of games to be playable at our Expos in October, giving you even more reasons to book yourself a ticket before they sell out.

Horror fans will doubtless be sickeningly overjoyed to hear that Konami’s adaptation of the Saw films will be on show, with a Konami representative assuring that “Saw for us is about graphic, intense horror that overwhelms you." Featuring some of the films' most iconic, ingenious and queasifying traps, Saw will of course be sitting snugly in our over-18s area, protecting the eyes, minds and fleshy delicacy of our younger visitors. Expect four screens each on PS3 and 360.

Hi-Rez Studios' MMO/shooter hybrid Global Agenda is next up, a game that wears its non-fantasy colours proudly on its sleeve. One of a new crop of MMOs which hopes to offer something different, Global Agenda has caught Oli’s eye as a potential winner with its focus on PvP.

Executive Producer Todd Harris is all sorts of pumped about the show, saying:

"We are excited about extending our hands-on tour of Global Agenda via the Eurogamer Expo - an event with a great tradition of showcasing playable versions of anticipated titles. Global Agenda introduces fast-paced, action-oriented combat into the MMO genre and we're excited to give our fans in the UK an opportunity to experience this gameplay first hand."

So there you go, come get some.