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Suda51 concerned by PlayStation Move

And outs games industry's biggest boozer.

The way PlayStation Move is sold - separately rather than in pairs - is problematic for developers, Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Goichi Suda has complained.

"I'm worried about the style of release of it and concerned about how it will be sold," he revealed in an interview with CVG. "I've heard it's going to be sold separately but you can actually use it in a set at once. Depending on how it is sold, as a developer, you have to change how the game should be made, so I'm concerned about that.

"So we have to think about the possibility where the user has one controller. It's limiting for us when it comes to game development so I guess it will be important to make games that can only be played with a single controller."

The eccentric No More Heroes creator then went on to out the Japanese games industry's biggest drinker. The title belongs to "Nagoshi-san from SEGA, the designer of Super Monkey Ball and Yakuza. He drinks wine a lot. It's impressive."

Ah, so that explains the Yakuza series' bonkers new direction.

When he's not out on the tiles with Japan's finest developers, Suda51 makes games. A lot of them. He's just announced Shadows of the Damned with Shinji Mikami, codename D for Kinect and side-scrolling shooter Sine Mora for PSN and XBLA.

No firm release dates have been announced for any of these titles yet.

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